Thursday, 25 June 2009

Kupalo! Kupalo!

No words can accurately describe the amount of euphoria I feel whenever I watch this video. Thank you, Ivan Kupala (the project) for making this possible.

Awaken, native spirit! The earth is not dead, the trees still sing, the people still want to dance with you.

If you wish to sing along, I have the lyrics which I can transliterate from Russian Cyrillic to Roman for you.

Ivan Kupala is a Russian musical group that mixes traditional Russian folk songs with electronic sounds, producing a unique blend of world music called ethnic electronica.

"Kostroma" (the title of this video and song) is another name for Kupalo (literally "to bathe"): a
Slavonic god of fertility and the summer season. His festival, also called Kupalo, was originally celebrated on the summer solstice (which was 5 days ago) but is now more commonly celebrated under the *guise* of Ivan Kupala Day or "Snt John the Bather" (ring a bell?).

So bathe in the summer rains! Kupalo reigns!

(PS: Para sa mga Tagalog, huwag kayong bastos, wala iyang koneksyon sa 'kupal'.)

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