Who is Hermes Boy?

Aldrin owns this space. Aldrin the Hermes Boy. Hermês the god, not the bag. Hermes the great god of roads, travel, trade, language, writing, persuasion, cunning wiles, and more.

Aldrin is an out-and-proud weirdo, though, he hopes not the creepy type. He reads, writes, and talks a lot -- usually about culture, language, religion, or gender politics.

He is a fierce non-labelist by heart, but identifies as a polyethnic, pomosexual Graeco-Roman pagan for convenience's sake.

He is a big fan of languages, but never gets to be truly fluent in any of them because he is a language-slut, jumping from one language to another, and back. He is working on his French, High German, Spanish, Korean, Fujianese, Greek, and Esperanto (and Classical Latin, Gothic, Irish Gaelic, Quenya, etc).

He has a long history of falling for resistance-leaders like Boudicca, Lapu-Lapu, Widukind, Radbod the Frisian, Julian the Martyr (the "Apostate"), and Hypatia. Although, generally silent and shy, his inner 'rebel' will not take shit from anyone.

In his free time, he dances. Dancing brings him an inexplicable ecstasy. His taste in music (as with his taste in food) is usually either World or Alternative.

His idea of harmony is walking the 'Middle Path'. Everything in moderation... including moderation itself.

He considers himself a very religious devotee of Beauty, Love, Reason, the Arts, Learning, Imagination, Words, the Land, and his Ancestors. And Hermês, of course.

He is currently reading Ceisiwr Serith's "Deep Ancestors", J. Neil C. Garcia's "Philippine Gay Culture", Jennifer Hunter's "Magical Judaism", Marcus Aurelius, and several other books on history, language, and mythology. His childhood books were encyclopaediae, and books on wildlife and outer space. All unfinished. Apparently, the only books he has finished are J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion" and other related tales. Unapologetic Tolkien geek.

He has also been wanting to add the books of Jeremiah H. Lewis (Sannion), Isaac Bonewits, and Tess Dawson to his collection in the near future.

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