Saturday, 20 June 2009

Green Iran

I trust that you don't need me to explain why I'm doing this. It's all over the internet. It's horrifying ... and sad. Imagine something like that in your own country.

Do what you can do. Let the world know what's happening in Iran. Speak for the silenced.

Mighty Ares, you are strength and bravery, impart your spirits to the people of Iran, inspire the good strong to protect the weak, strike down the bad ones.

Golden Aphrodite and Lovely Jesus, you are love, stir in the hearts of the Iranian people a glorious love for country and a tender love for lives.

Wise Athene, you are reason and wisdom, impart your spirits to those involved in this noble battle against evil tyranny, raise their voices to the world, protect democracy and freedom.

Just Father Zeus, you are law and ethics, serve Iran and her people justice and restore right conduct amongst its citizens.

And for our own countries, the same spirits. Amen.


  1. Restore peace in Iran. No to injustice. Yes to upholding human rights.

  2. Yes, na'am, ja, oui, si ... or as they say it in Farsi "baleh"!

  3. Did you just implore on both Ares and Athene in the same breath? Those two gods of war make it a point to never agree!

  4. Hello, Shatter! *wave* Nice to see you here in my box.

    Gods as portrayed in mythology do not always agree with Gods as they are received in cultus. In the Classical Myths, they never seemed to agree, those two. But in cultus, and especially in mine, they both agree to protect the world. Just in different ways. :)