Saturday, 24 December 2011

Reasons for the season

Okay, now this is what I intend to do as an Anglo-Graeco-Roman pagan revert from Roman rite Catholicism for the following days:
  • Tonight (also the new moon, by the way): give birthday presents to the baby saviour gods (Jesus and Dionysus, or Dion-esus if you will)
    • Light and frankincense for Baby Jesus
    • Wine and grape juice for Baby Dionysus
  • Honour ancestral mothers (Matronae) with milk, and agricultural gods with bread or grain for past week of safe and joyful Saturnalian festivities
  • Feast with family, wishing strength to saviour babies 
  • Watch Jim Carrey play Grinch and miss father
  • Have LOTR movie marathon
  • Tomorrow morning: greet dawn goddess, then greet baby sun god (Sol Invictus) and invite him to bless planet for another year, wishing him long life
  • Tomorrow evening: greet celestial gods of the night sky
  • Have an awesome last week of the year
  • Clean house on or a day before eve of New Year
    • Make sure shrines, threshold, and hearth are at their best, festive condition
  • On eve of New Year (also the kalends of January): light fire at hearth shrine (both the last for 2011 and the first for 2012), use fire to light sacrificial fire at threshold shrine, offer goods symbolising happiness and health of family for next year (sweet fruit, butter, rice, flour, milk, honey, and oil preferably), have both fires meet by lighting candle from sacrificial fire and bringing it inside house, hearth first then dining table
  • Music and lights at maximum
  • Feast with family, wishing all auspicious and fortunate things to dominate the incoming year (top blessings are happiness, health, peace, bounty, and long life) for family, friends, and larger community
  • On dawn of New Year, perform very first offerings and prayers to hearth goddess, threshold god, border gods, storage gods (all household gods, to be brief), land spirits, and ancestors - make sure ritual etiquette is observed for full auspiciousness
  • Have super awesome start of 2012 for entire year
  • Live excellently for self, family, and fellowmen

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Why are we so obsessed with who's gay?

Perhaps because we are a hapless bunch, insecure of our own sexual and/or gender identities? Perhaps because we aren't amongst the most comfortable when it comes to the topic of sex, nor amongst the most educated? In fact, we're so ignorant that we've piled up everything we can't define about gender and sexuality into one word: baklâ.

Hapless, indeed, to have only one word (a bad word, not to mention) for everything else we are unwilling to introduce to decent society.