Saturday, 9 December 2006

Pearl Harbour And All This Nicole Shite

Remember this day. Remember Pear Harbor. December 7th, 1941---a date which will live in infamy. Salute and prostrate. Hail, the valour of the victorious dead.


A few days ago, I was still on the neutral/rather-not-speak side. I thought to myself, I'm just a spectator anyway, what do I know? Sure, Daniel had always made more sense; sure, I've never really trusted that lying no-brainer skank, erm, immaculate genius, Nicole. But to claim that Daniel was innocent to the world wasn't a very stable thing to say considering my lack of knowledge of what really happened. You see, unlike those crazy rally-freaks, if I don't know shit about something, I'd rather be humble with my views.

But now, I've heard what I've needed to hear, went through with what I've needed to go through, and have summed up enough to stand by Daniel. I am not saying that Daniel is completely innocent. Like the rally-freaks who claim they support the "truth", I still remain within the spectator grouping (again, just like them; they just arrogantly think they're not). But unlike the flag-burners and rally-freaks---blinded and intoxicated by their own selfish, one-dimensional political causes---I, however, sincerely want a fair and just trial for both Danny and 'Cole, and actually do know enough to formulate an educated say at the very least. Yes, he might have done something wrong or unethical somewhere in the events described by the complainant as "rape". Dannyboy is no angel, we all know that, but neither is the girl. You all know what I mean, we've all heard her inconsistent stories and politically-puppeted speeches---and especially for the unbiased who actually know her---we all know that she's far from being the damsel-in-distress that she (and her feminazi overladies) try so hard to put up. I quote: “Let's not create a fantasy world here where she's the innocent girl who's the damsel-in-distress type. For the love of LOGIC, let's not even discuss that. It's intellectually insulting.” I just loved that interview with Mel Tiangco where she got slapped hard by the lady's devious but smart-arse questioning (read as: "Huli ka"). That's what you get when you're unprepared to lie all over again. Integrity-wise, bagsak na si ineng. Tsk, tsk.

I still don't know much, though. Not near what his lawyers know, that is. But I think I've summed up enough for myself to separate the lies from the bigger lies. Judge Pozon made a mistake by letting his emotions rule over him. Did you hear his little speech? How unprofessional to mingle your personal, biased sentiments of sympathy towards the woman with the facts that truly matter but were obviously sadly ignored. If it were indeed his emotions, then he is a fool. But of course, it might as well be politics. In Daniel's somewhat prophetic words: Oh we’ll find the three innocent and convict the other one just so everyone’s happy. Poor Daniel. It just breaks my heart. Victim of the nearing elections. A sacrificial lamb. What, set him free, and leave the militant's cry for blood unappeased? Not wise, the puppet-masters agreed. What they stupidly didn't foresee (could they be really that stupid not to?), is that such an enormous error in judgment would, most definitely, sour relations with the country's most valuable ally (though not my favourite).

Poor Nicole. She thinks she's won, having had the sympathy of the court. But sympathy it is not. It's all a bleedin' scheme. Plus, poor girl's "humiliation story" is obviously being milked by the communist whores. Gamitan, bow. At makialam pa daw sa VFA? I bet she doesn't even know what it is. Bloody Mary. You're being used and abused (ergo, raped) by these maenads for their oh-so-tiring publicity press releases, and you're just letting them? But hey, it is your life. Feel free to whore (ah, familiar word...) your integrity.

And you, Gabriela, don't you have more important things to attend to, besides all these political ramblings? Gang rape in Maguindanao? 15-year old girl abused by 3 Filipino soldiers? Domestic violence, all around? Fools. They think they matter, but they don't. They've lost whatever it was that they originally stood for.

Again, I pray for the naked truth. At 'tanginang yaya naman, huwag nang makialam kasi ang mga walang alam.


I urge people all around to write and say what you feel and what you know. (We'd appreciate it of course if it'd be sensible.) Speak up. Hail your free and bright minds. End this grey age, where the wise are nonchalant; choosing to be silent and letting fools rule over their lives. Take charge of the world. Change it. There is hope. There is always hope.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Smith Guilty, Nicole Glorified

Okay, it just came out. Cpl Danniel Smith has been found guilty. The other three have been acquitted.

Now that it's out, we can make something close-to-concrete out of all this. Now we can move from simply being in assumption.

Therefore I say:

1. Dannyboy should be punished accordingly. Evidence seems to prove him guilty of abuse. But I say he should be locked in a separate cell away from the scum of Filipino society. It wasn't just his fault. Let's be real here, people. It wasn't like he snatched the girl and raped her à la Quest For Fire. Do you get what I'm implying here?

2. As for Nicole, she shouldn't be glorified. Not at all. She should be given due justice, sure. But not glory. As Marvin Tikvah would say “Come on!” I say she's far from the innocent angel some people assume her to be. Poor lady's going to be just another postergirl for the maenads of Gabriela.

3. Our mediamen should not be biased, or at least not be so obvious about it. Report news as it is, personal stands please sell separately.

4. No more childish flag burning, for the nth time. Respect begets respect. Burning one nation's flag is an attack on the whole nation, its people, and its culture. Burn an effigy or something, not a flag.

Though verdicts have been spoken, nonetheless, we--the spectators--still remain "pare-parehong walang alam sa tunay na nangyari". Ano? Ano?


Friday, 24 November 2006


I've been aching to rant about this. Good thing Matt here had the right words. I'm linking his article on this often misused American phrase.

The word "whatever" is, to me, one of the most offensive out there when used in a certain way. I used to say it a lot when I was in my first years of high school, until somebody unloaded on me for it. I hadn't realized how offensive I was being, but I agreed with him immediately, and have hated the word ever since.

... the context of a more serious conversation, its use can range from rude to devastatingly insulting.

On one end of the spectrum is the ungrateful teenager whose mom calls up to his room and says "What would you like for dinner, Sweetie?" and the kid says "Whatever, Mom." That shows that her efforts will probably go unappreciated, and will at least deflate her desire to do something nice.

Slightly more offensive is when the mom has already made dinner, the kid comes to the table, she smiles and excitedly tells him that she's made his favorite, and the kid says "Whatever, Mom" and picks up the plate and goes to sit in front of the TV. That's worse because it dismisses all the effort and care she went to as not being of any importance to the kid.

The harmfulness of its use varies proportionally with how much the person being scorned cares about what is being scorned. So, if the mom really prides herself on doing special things for her kid and he knows it, it's more hurtful when he says "whatever" than if she was mocking him when she asked what he wanted because she was just going to give him cold spaghetti-o's anyway.

I think the worst possible use of the word (and probably the most common, unfortunately) is in the context of a serious discussion or argument. When people discuss something important to them, they become personally invested in their argument. For however brief a time, they are staking their identity on that argument being respected and hopefully believed by others. To say "whatever" in a situation like that is to express indifference not only to the argument they're making, but also to the person investing herself in that argument. It indicates that her argument is not only wrong, but contemptible and not worthy of a well-reasoned response.

Read the rest of the article here.

In a more local context, bratty airheads would often use this as a senseless filler of some sort. Fuckin' teenagers.

By the way, Matt is from New England (originally from California). If you'd like to make him happy, leave him a comment. His blog is for adults ONLY, though. So if you are not your legal age, it is advised that you do not pursue the rest of his blog - which contains, from time to time, visuals suitable only for adults. I've been reading his blog for sometime now. Don't let the images of Abercrombie homoerotica scare you (they shouldn't), he can be the most profound person with his more personal entries.

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Subic Rape Case: Nicole And Daniel

The Subic Rape Case is to be decided next month, I've heard.

I won't ask your forgiveness. Magalit na ang may nais magalit, dalahin niyo iyan. But I do not believe alias "Nicole" was raped by Cpl Smith and gang. They had sex, yes. But rape? That is yet to be proved. Those feminazis should keep their mouths shut, and their childish flag-burning antics to rest. Save it for the decision. I'm not saying this because Smith is a fellow of my own sex. In the same way that I wouldn't be supporting Nicole (say she really was raped) just because we both sing the same national anthem. I say this because I have a mind of my own, keeping it open as much as possible, and because I choose to keep my opinion an opinion and not go yakking on TV as if I actually knew what happened. Sa madaling salita, huwag tayong mayabang sa opinyon, tutal simula't sapul, pare-pareho lang naman tayong mga walang alam dito. Ano? Ano?

I pray for the truth, whatever it may be.

Monday, 30 October 2006

The Gay Scene And Parties

Last night the 28th was a shock. The sights might have been pleasant (littered with pleasant faced specimens of humanity, commercially speaking), but nonetheless a shock. I had never seen so many Gay men in my life. Kissing, hugging, dancing on the streets. Nothing wrong, though. For a bright-eyed foreigner, the sights were certainly interesting. But like I've always said, the bar scene is not for me. Abundant eye candy or otherwise, bars and parties don't work for me.

I didn't hate that night. Not at all. Malate is just simply not the place that I'd enjoy going to. Bars, disco, flirting, beer, smokes, and karaoke are just not my cup of tea. I find them boring, and empty, and again boring. I'm not saying the people who enjoy that scene are empty (and they sure aren't boring). What I'm saying is that the 'dance and date' scene is not enough for me. Sorry for wanting more. But I want something real to pierce me, melt me, touch me...see me.

I guess my choices for hangout places are vanilla, if that's what you want to call it. But I prefer that scene; I choose that scene. That soothing, calming, almost romantic scene.

I know, the chances I'd meet someone would have to be in places where disco and flirting reign supreme. Very high possibilities. I bet the hottest people in the metropolis meet up there. But I trust my faith, that I'd meet my own shy love in my own special place. The Gods know where that place is, all I have to do is wait.

I know, it sounds far-fetched to wait for a heaven-sent genius cutie, but my whole life has been pretty much of a long bow anyway. So I guess there's a chance with that dream. (Oh Gods, let there be!)


SprosetshirtsI'm not sure (as the photographer isn't either) whether these two are friends or what, but there's definitely something sweet and cute about these two lads from Brazil.

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Too Shy To Let Anyone In

“I've always been too shy to let anyone in, because I was too afraid of what would happen if they turned from me.” [From: The Angel By My Side by DWSimon]

Owee, both cheeks?

Nobody sees me. I am alone.