Tuesday, 26 January 2010

2010/01/12-18: Gloomy Bear, Ang Ladlad, Haiti, Vodoun, Pat Robertson, Avatar, Vatican, Christianity, Pussies, Marriage

  1. Video: I hope only the sanest of souls get to watch this. The neck biting, er nibbling will be in my... http://tumblr.com/xit5m1cdr
  2. Photo: Some bishops oppose SC ruling on gay group. Bigotry is their daily bread. http://tumblr.com/xit5m0xyy
  3. Video: Haitian ambassador on Pat Robertson’s wonderful interpretation of the Christian vision. (Related... http://tumblr.com/xit5m0kpp
  4. Photo: The world’s tallest man, 8 ft 1 in (246.5 cm) Sultan Kosen, welcomes the shortest man in the world, 2... http://tumblr.com/xit5m07od
  5. Photo: Courage and comfort for Haiti. Let’s help in any way we can. That could be us there. Think Ondoy or... http://tumblr.com/xit5j0j83
  6. Photo: “I see you…” — The Dark Lord Sauron Na’vi greeting (via joriben) http://tumblr.com/xit5j01ca
  7. Photo: Pat Robertson blames ‘devil pact’ for Haiti quake. The man is a legend at saying the craziest things.... http://tumblr.com/xit5izpw3
  8. Photo: Gay teen worried he might be Christian. Abomination! Such a ghastly, unnatural inclination cannot be! http://tumblr.com/xit5izdpg
  9. Photo: Pope says gays endanger humanity. Papa Ratzi is evil and he doesn’t even know it. Or does he? Waste of... http://tumblr.com/xit5iz1eb
  10. Photo: Help the 205 pussies. Help a pussy, please? (Seriously, let’s help the cats.) http://tumblr.com/xit5i3yk9
  11. Photo: SC orders Comelec to count Ladlad in 2010 polls. Whilst I do not agree with everything that Ang Ladlad... http://tumblr.com/xit5i2jnj
  12. Photo: ‘Renewable marriage’ proposed. I wouldn’t mind if they had this here. http://tumblr.com/xit5i17fa
  13. Photo: Vatican says ‘Avatar’ is no masterpiece. Joining Ross Douhat is Papa Ratzi who really needs to get a... http://tumblr.com/xit5hztc1

2010/01/05-11: Tagalog, Emma Watson, Bear Grylls, Percy Jackson, Dolphins, Portugal, Martha Stewart, Mashup, 2012, Television

  1. Photo: Nameless wanker calls Tagalog worst language ever, Philippines most retarded Asian country, Filipinos... http://tumblr.com/xit5fsty7
  2. Photo: It’s sister and brother, Emma and Alex Watson. Both are cute, but I prefer them in more traditional... http://tumblr.com/xit5eoova
  3. Photo: Man vs. Wild - Pacific Island - Bear’s Enema. Choose your side: (a) Sometimes you just gotta say “I’m... http://tumblr.com/xit5enwog
  4. Photo: Can’t the Kyklopes Just Make More Lightning? Hellenismos + Hollywood = We’ll find out soon enough.... http://tumblr.com/xit5emjoh  
  5. Photo: Scientists say dolphins should be treated as ‘non-human persons’. This doesn’t surprise me a bit.... http://tumblr.com/xit5el7x2
  6. Photo: Catholic Portugal set to legalize gay marriage. Most of Europe has moved on. America is struggling.... http://tumblr.com/xit5ejvdv
  7. Photo: Martha Stewart Celebrates First Gay Wedding Ceremony. As it should be. (via tristantrakand) http://tumblr.com/xit5eim81  
  8. Photo: DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop) - Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits. Not a... http://tumblr.com/xit5ehasu
  9. Photo: Bizarro! What an ethnically accurate cartoon! http://tumblr.com/xit5eflug
  10. Photo: True. Especially if your idea of telly is either ABS-CBN or GMA-7. http://tumblr.com/xit5eelca

Saturday, 9 January 2010

2009/12/29-2010/01/04: Tyrant, Car, Cats, Zeus, Clovers, Emma Watson, USA, Hera, Love, Peter Pan, Morality, Demons, Gays, Pantheism, Reason, Faith, Tremors, Islam, Poverty, Spelling, Celts, Harry Potter, 2010, Healing

  1. Photo: Keep your punishing, judgmental, fear based god to yourself. Absolutely. http://tumblr.com/xit56icrf
  2. Photo: My kind of car. Would’ve been perfect for my old job! http://tumblr.com/xit56h9om
  3. Photo: I miss Powder and Binx. Brother and sister. Salt and pepper. http://tumblr.com/xit56gdar
  4. Photo: Zeus. Son of towering Sky and broad Earth. http://tumblr.com/xit56ffk0
  5. Photo: As a wee lad, I used to scour gardens for clovers just because I was crazy over Ireland. It was an... http://tumblr.com/xit56eo65 
  6. Photo: Beautiful. Intelligent. Witch. Perfect. http://tumblr.com/xit56dxx4 
  7. Photo: Only in Amreeka. No offence. http://tumblr.com/xit56d6ff 
  8. Photo: “Hera: You are the shimmering peacock whom Zeus knew before all other creatures.” — Rebecca Buchanan http://tumblr.com/xit56cfyq 
  9. Photo: If the world was this small, would we love each other more? If so, shrink the world. http://tumblr.com/xit56brui 
  10. Video: Gold absolutely, jeffreybower. He even sounds like Peter Pan! I wonder… http://tumblr.com/xit56asx2 
  11. Photo: Shet. I really like this Peter Pan. http://tumblr.com/xit568n9q 
  12. Photo: What morality. http://tumblr.com/xit5670ln 
  13. Photo: “If you support gay marriage, we’re going to let the homeless starve!” Not the God of Love and Peace... http://tumblr.com/xit566pgd 
  14. Photo: GOPs New Prayer Guru Says Gays Possessed By Demons. Depressingly and dangerously stupid. http://tumblr.com/xit566def 
  15. Photo: Hollywood’s Rampant Pantheism. These conservatives badly need to get a life (and wake up). Other than... http://tumblr.com/xit56624p 
  16. Photo: “Reason is humble, faith is not. Reason is open to the possibility that its claims are wrong, faith is... http://tumblr.com/xit565pt5 
  17. Photo: Sun and moon ‘set off deep tremors on San Andreas fault’. I don’t mean to scare people, but I think... http://tumblr.com/xit565bta 
  18. Photo: Danish cartoonist intruder shot. These onion-skinned fundamentalists should get a life, really.... http://tumblr.com/xit564wqe 
  19. Photo: Hangga’t hindi kayo natatauhan sa mga pinagsasabi niyo, nawa’y mamatay kayo ng dilat ang mata at... http://tumblr.com/xit564ipc 
  20. Photo: Brilliant! I wish I had this when I was training the kids on commonly misspelt words. Is it such a sin... http://tumblr.com/xit564ilu 
  21. Photo: e-Keltoi: Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies. Certified geekgasm. I’m reading about my... http://tumblr.com/xit563wcn 
  22. Photo: “And wtf is a hufflepuff?” — Harry Potter http://tumblr.com/xit562wa1 
  23. Photo: Peter Jackson named a New Zealand knight. Sir Peter Jackson. Sounds lovely, dunnit? (via The... http://tumblr.com/xit55zfr8 
  24. Photo: Happy International New Year! Live long and prosper! http://tumblr.com/xit54hwxw 
  25. Photo: Spirit of what mends our brokenness, hear us. From within, arise. From without, surround. Spirit of... http://tumblr.com/xit543j1a

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2009/12/22-28: Harry Potter, Dreamworld, Cats, Foliage, Polar Bears, Flamingos, Organic Religion, Taho, Diversity, Hobbit House, LOTR, Facebook, Gollum, Solstice, Bong Revilla, Native Americans, Connexion, Trees, Customers, Manny Villar, Spelling, Touching, Glee, French, Exploitation

  1. Photo: Remember this, Jerome? We watched this back in third year high school. I remember it like it was... http://tumblr.com/xit51ev6d
  2. Photo: Even though I may sometimes sound too much of a cynic or a rationalist… I do, at times, hope to get... http://tumblr.com/xit51e022
  3. Photo: Add tall, slender trees with red or amber (or even pink) foliage, and this would be my dreamworld.... http://tumblr.com/xit51d91e
  4. Photo: Ready to pounce? http://tumblr.com/xit51cdkz
  5. Photo: I wish we had this kind of foliage where I live, where trees do not hibernate… ever. http://tumblr.com/xit51bn9r
  6. Photo: Let’s help save the polar bears. Have you seen how they are now? Driven to eat their own kind? That... http://tumblr.com/xit51axga
  7. Photo: I was around 3 or 4 when I found out that flamingos are born white, and not pink, and that they only... http://tumblr.com/xit51a9be
  8. Photo: Organic Religion I wasn’t wrong when I thought this movie would strike the hearts of pagans across the... http://tumblr.com/xit518zgz
  9. Photo: At ng tasa o baso! This is so Filipino, I love it! (This is taho.) http://tumblr.com/xit4zrlfr
  10. Photo: “Now is the time that we realise that diversity does not diminish our humanity.” — Sass Rogando Sasot http://tumblr.com/xit4zelsg
  11. Photo: Get Green: Build Your Own Hobbit House Oh, I wouldn’t mind living here all the time. (Click on title,... http://tumblr.com/xit4ze3jq 
  12. Photoset: Lord of the Rings Facebook Status Updates Priceless! http://tumblr.com/xit4zdku9
  13. Photo: › A group of teens hanging out by a lake in Panama saw the elusive Gollum climbing out of his cave and... http://tumblr.com/xit4zd8b4
  14. Photo: Hail, the newborn Sun! The longest night has passed! The lengthening of days has come! Let death turn... http://tumblr.com/xit4wqdoc
  15. Photo: Senator Bong Revilla: “We should show only one Hollywood movie a month” Trust me when I say that Bong... http://tumblr.com/xit4wpxsh
  16. Photo: Should the American First Nations decide (and have the political power) to send the “white” Americans... http://tumblr.com/xit4wpkut
  17. Photo: “And we are all connected to each other… in a circle, in a hoop that never ends.” — Colours of the... http://tumblr.com/xit4woxo0
  18. Photo: “That I may not fell a single tree without holy need; that I may not step on a blooming field; that I... http://tumblr.com/xit4wj5ho
  19. Photoset: Metro Manila before all the greed caught up with her. (Excerpt from a forwarded email.... http://tumblr.com/xit4wieht
  20. Photo: Wolves are my source of strength. Cats, my source of aww. http://tumblr.com/xit4wflmk
  21. Photo: I secretly sass my customers in my head when they say the silliest things like… Him: How much are... http://tumblr.com/xit4wefsk
  22. Photo: Dear Manny Villar http://tumblr.com/xit4wcrzn
  23. Photo: It’s funny for us but I doubt whoever made this purposely mispelt these words. I understand that... http://tumblr.com/xit4wbhba
  24. Video: Touching Another Dude Softly or TADS is actually normal and common in many parts of the world that... http://tumblr.com/xit4wabjc 
  25. Video: It’s Other Asian Mike Chang! He is awesome! And in the Philippines right now! http://tumblr.com/xit4w8wox
  26. Photo: Le pancit du Canton! http://tumblr.com/xit4w6vsr
  27. Photo: The Aral Sea, once the fourth largest inland body of water, has been disappearing since the 60s,... http://tumblr.com/xit4w5usk

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