Friday, 23 September 2011

Reality disagrees with the CBCP... as usual.

As if President Aquino's halfbaked support for LGBT rights wasn't sad enough, a certain Fr Melvin Castro had to make it all worse. Here, he says: "Essentially we don't believe that same sex attracted people are discriminated upon in the Philippines. What we do not agree is for them to have marriage."

Erm, what? In what alternate universe is denying marriage equality not discrimination? In what fucked up cosmos is all the shite that gay men and women have to put up with in the Philippines not discrimination? Can somebody give this priest back his brain?

I refuse to believe that these people speak for Jesus.

Fr Melvin Castro probably left his at the door

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Siyá: Ikáw ba, hindî ka magagalit kung lagyán ko ng titì ang picture ng tatay mo?
(Him: Wouldn't you get angry if I placed a penis in your father's picture?)

Akó: Hindî. Hindî ko namán tatay 'yan e. Walâ namáng titì sa mukhâ ang tatay ko e.
(Me: Nope. That's not my father. My father doesn't have a penis on his face.)

Sapagkát ang larawan mong pinapangit ay hindî mo na larawan... kung hindî ka talagá pangit.
(Because a defaced picture is no longer your picture... if you don't actually look that way.)

Christ or Mickey Mouse?
This is Chrismouse.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

An oath is fulfilled

To Hermes
Ever our friend and ally
A holy herm now stands before our door
Wine and honey stain the stones
As sweet gifts to our Vigilant Apotropaios
So that He may guard over our garth
Our pass and paths
Averting all evil and ill
Misfortune and mischief
From hearth and hall
And kindred
And ever more.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mia klopodo po esperanto

Saluton! Ĉi tio estas mia klopodo blogi en esperanto.

Mi estas Aldriko Lŭis, sed Aldrin estas mia angla nomo. Aldriko estas mia primara nomo; Lŭis estas la nomo de mia patro.

Mi loĝas en Imus kaj laboras en Manila. Ambaŭ estas bela urboj kaj tre maljuna. Vulgara, mi vojaĝas por du horojn. Ĝi estas tre laciga!

Verbojn uzis:
  • esti - to be
  • blogi - to blog
  • loĝi - to live
  • labori - to work
  • vojaĝi - to travel
  • uzi - to use
Adjektivojn uzis:
  • angla - English
  • primara - primary
  • maljuna - old
  • laciga - tired

Vi povas korekti min nun.