Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Para po!

Pasahero: Para sa tabi.

Tsuper: Bawal po dito, doon po tayo sa babaan.

Pasahero: Para...

Tsuper (at ibang pasahero): Bawal po dito...

Pasahero: Para!

Tsuper: Mahuhuli po tayo dito...

Pasahero: Para!!! Ang layo-layo na ng lalakarin ko!
(bumababang galit, sabay hampas sa pinto)

Boses Sa Itaas: Ale, hindi na namin problema kung malayo ang bahay niyo sa tamang babaan. Sumusunod lang si manong sa batas. Ngayon, kung magmamatigas pa iyang kokote niyong makunat umunawa na bumaba sa babaang taliwas sa tama, huwag niyo kaming idamay! Punheta.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

More Bedtime Stories

Speaking of stupidly ever after, I totally forgot to include this one time she refused to correct a very obvious mistake of hers. I do not remember the exact words so the following are not verbatim.

Pretty Lady: "Oh, that's a funny movie, Meet the Zohans!"

Guest: "I think you mean You Don't Mess With The Zohan."

Pretty Lady: "That's what I said. Meet the Zohans, Don't Mess With The Zohan, it's all the same."

No big deal, we all have our stupid moments. But to refuse enlightenment when it is presented to you? Now, that is entirely a different matter. I personally believe it is a sin. If there is something worse than ignorance, it is wilful ignorance ie: the dangerous kind.

Kumain Ka Na Ba?

Yes po.

Is it so hard to just say 'opo'?
I just do not understand why people say it or, worse, flaunt it. Can somebody help me? I am this close to calling them 'airheads'.

Celebrity Bedtime Stories: Lucy Torres

Once upon a time, Lucy Torres, in her show 'The Sweet Life', was presented by her guests pictures of their trip to Thailand. One of the pictures had Buddhist monks in their everyday robes.

The pretty l
ady said:

"Ang galing 'no! Kahit naka-sarong sila, mukha pa rin silang lalaki!" (Wow, even with sarongs on, they still look like men!)

First of all: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Second, it is not called a sarong. Third, a sarong is also worn by men in many cultures including our own. Fourth: you are a public figure, educate yourself for crying out loud, goodness forbid that kids might believe you.

This is not the first time she has said something moronic. Once, she had continuously referred to replicas/models as 'toys' after being corrected twice and complained about a certain collectible that cost 70,000 PHP, saying it was worth the price of a good bag. Eh?

And she lived stupidly ever after.

Buy some brains, woman!

Disclaimer: This is not too say that the pretty lady is entirely stupid or is not a sensible person in other areas. My angst is simply a reaction to how she projects herself on TV. And by what she has shown me, her light is received as dim, dull going abysmally dull.