Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Again With Commercial Idiocy! (follow up)

In direct relation to this, I found the videos on YouTube through another blogger with similar sentiments. Really, they should take the ads off telly. I do not mind watching rubbish, but what about the kids?

Philosophically, a real man has to be all noble and brave. But a woman can be all that, too. Seriously, a real man is any man with male reproductive organs. That is it.

More bloggers of similar opinions
here, and here. (By the way, thank you enrique1982 for uploading the ads. I wish there was an option for cyber tomatoes.)

I quote:

- Bawat commercial iba iba ang bida. Naisip tuloy ni Beans, sa kanilang apat, may “Real Men” ba talaga? At kung sukatan ba ng pagiging “Real Men?” ang beer na iniinom? Nakakatawang isipin kung gaano na kababaw ang nagiging sukatan ng isang “Real Men”.

- Who the hell came up with the concept? Who, in this age of sexual revolution, gender sensitivity and call for equality, came up with an ad that makes people take a 180-degree turn? I know all about classical conditioning and the power of the media. It may sound frivolous but it’s very powerful. Reminds me so much of the Marlboro Man. You know how its subtle depiction of a man–a cowboy romanticized–has influenced the smoking habits of millions of people? I mean, it’s subtle but it’s there. You can’t miss it. And now this?

How should real men act then? Should they be barbaric and wild with nary a hint of softness on their person? Should they be insensitive and senseless, a narrow-minded individual who should throw his weight around and impose his will on anybody?

What kind of real man is this commercial trying to promote?

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  1. that's just marketing. lol

    i like ur ideas though. i never thought of it.