Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Again With Commercial Idiocy!

At msnbc, I heard that Heineken was rightly chided last fall for producing a commercial that managed to be stupid, sexist and an assault on our eardrums -- quite a feat considering the strong competition for such honors in the lowbrow world of beer advertising.

I feel exactly the same way for the latest series of Colt 45 commercials here in the Philippines. Let us say it again: stupid, sexist and an assault on -- not only our eardrums but more importantly -- our intelligence.

As if we needed more sexism in this world. Do we really need more of the sort that believes wiping one's glass makes you less of a man? (What, lack of hygiene makes you macho?) Or the sort that believes saying sweet things makes you unmanly? Or having an artistic eye and not a pervy one? Or wiping the excess sebum off your face? Fuck, no! No more of those dumb brutes, thank you very much. Besides, women can drink strong beer, too. Have they not been to Germany or Ireland?
Machismo is so yester-century.

Eat dirt, Colt 45. I am not going to drink your fucking beer again. May the Beer Gods curse you. Amen.

PS: It seems that I am not the only blogger who thinks this way. See here.


  1. That's why I go for Red Horse. Ehehehe.

  2. I'm settling for home made ale. Haha!