Sunday, 15 May 2011

So, the world's going to end in 7 days?

So says It's disgusting, really. Every time a natural disaster comes our way, a bunch of crazies claim it's part of some ancient desert prophecy. Really now?

These doomsday-mongers should really just calmthefuckdown. All these natural "disasters" are only omens of a living and breathing world, not its final destruction. A real doomsday sign would be green rain or cold fire; but why would that even happen?

Of course, the world will surely end. It's a probability supported by science. All things die. A creature's death is the end of its world, after all. Stars and planets are no different. Our planet is no different. Our species is no different; no matter how convinced others are that we're something special. There is no preexisting reason why things live or die. We just do.

But if you think a major catastrophe happening sometime soon makes these bible-thumping crackpots right, think again. "The End of Times" is something that nature determines; not man or scripture. If you're the type to identify god with nature, then yes, god determines the expiration date. But who is privy to the mind of such a god? No one. And especially not these nutters.

Why should it even matter, anyway? Should our world begin to crumble on the 21st of May, suck it up and survive. Cease your whining; it's not about us. It wasn't about the dinosaurs when it happened to them. The world is simply reshuffling, and it's best to play her game and dance her rhythms; because that's the only thing we can do.

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