Sunday, 1 May 2011

Catholics shouldn't need the Vatican to declare who they should pray to or how.

People should be able to choose their own saints. After all, another man's saint can be another person's wretch. You can't force a person's blessedness down people's throats; they need to decide on that for themselves.

This is not meant to dismiss the recent beatification of the late Pope John Paul II in any way. I actually like him; I'm happy a lot of people like him, too. That personal conviction is enough for me, though, and others have no business telling me it isn't.

Likewise (let's pretend I'm still christian), just because the Vatican lists Boniface (he-who-was-hacked-because-he-was-a-selfrighteous-antipagan-arsehole) a saint doesn't mean I should like him or start praying to him. A shared religious experience is an amazing thing, but ultimately religion is a personal matter.

Conclusion: The Vatican is outdated and unnecessary. Revere one, three or a thousand, or none. It is your business and you should decide on what you believe; what others say is merely commentary.

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