Sunday, 1 May 2011

Beltane: Where exactly is this happening in the Philippines?

Today is Beltane! At this sacred time of the year, we nature-worshipping bumpkin-wannabes gather once more to honour the fertility of the land and the vibrance of life, symbolised by the courtship and marriage of the divine powers behind nature. Joy once more returns as life conquers death; oak defeats holly; summer overpowers winter. All the earth is alive again! From plants to animals to humankind! Let us all celebrate the vital passion that now gushes forth from the womb of the earth!

Can you feel the surging force of this joyous sabbat yet? Take a look at some photos I took recently to celebrate this vibrant season of life.

Can you feel the loving embrace of drought now? Truly, the return of summer is celebrated the same way across countries. After all, if it's happening in Britain -- home of 25,000 year old Wicca -- it should be the same in the Philippines, yes? Right? Right?

In case you're daft today, I was being sarcastic. The tomatoes seem to be fine, though. Who's in for a tomato sabbat?

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