Sunday, 8 May 2011

I've got an amazing boss.

I know it's too early to say for sure, and I'm sure a few things will come up in the future where we'll disagree with each other; but, right now, I think he's a really awesome guy.

He's Bengali, by the way, and I made sure I pointed that out on my first day at work (I just love their language). Naturally, he was surprised I knew. How many young non-Indians do you meet everyday who can tell a Sindhi from a Bengali Indian. He was also amazed at how I know about bhajans and said he was touched to know I believe in Ma Durga. I told him I've got a few Hindu friends, but what I really wanted to say was: "Yes, I know, I'm smart".

He's definitely one of the best foreigners I've met. On his first day, he already learnt a few useful words in the local language and he refuses to eat hotel food because he prefers to eat where the natives do, claiming you have to acquaint yourself with the spirit of a place every time you visit another country. Amazing, isn't he?

Anyway, I'm really excited to be under his guidance. He's really smart, very cultured, and he has an amazing way of telling stories where he just goes on and I don't get bored or sleepy.

I pray for his genius that it may bless him, his family, and all his endeavours for all the days to come. Nômoshkar!

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