Thursday, 28 April 2011

This is how you should oppose us, CBCP: With reason and dignity.

It is entirely possible to be against the RH Bill and not be a moron or an arsehole. I still side with the more practical priests who support the RHB, but I can definitely respect the views of this bishop.

Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma has proposed a non-antagonistic way that the Catholic Church and other opponents of the Reproductive Health Bill may use in campaigning against the controversial measure.

In a pastoral letter dated April 19 and read during the Easter Sunday masses, Ledesma said that the best way to say “no” [to the RH Bill] is to say “yes” to natural family planning.

The church strongly opposes the bill for promoting the use of contraceptives a number of which are allegedly abortifacient.

In explaining the natural family planning program of the archdiocese, Ledesma said that 1) all modern scientific NFP methods should be included; 2) NFP method should reach out to all parishes and chapel communities; and 3) NFP is being promoted without backup contraceptives.

He cited the archdiocese’s engagements with local government units in Misamis Oriental, Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro in promoting the NFP.

The archbishop emphasized that they are pushing NFP as an “engagement, not collaboration” since the Church wants it to be independent of the LGU. He added the NFP can only succeed if there is widespread acceptance of it by both the church and LGU.

Ledesma reiterated the stand of the church against abortion which he said is also in consonance with the Philippine Constitution.

He further stressed that instead of the government policy drifting towards “reproductive health,” more stress on responsible parenthood should be pushed. He explained that responsible parenthood can be differentiated from reproductive health to mean the “parents’ exalted role in giving birth to another person, body and soul…”

This should not be misconstrued however as abetting the country’s high population growth, he said.

“Christian parents must exercise responsible parenthood. While nurturing a generous attitude towards bringing new human life into the world, they should strive to beget only those children whom they can raise up in a truly human and Christian way,” he said. (BenCyrus G. Ellorin/MindaNews)

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  1. Until now, I still don't know where to stand in this issue. Whether we like it or not, the two parties have strong points. Personally and as a devoted Christian, I say no to RH Bill. But looking to the recent status of the Philippines and the population rate, I say yes to it. Well, I guess it really depends on the individual's decision.

  2. Exactly. The RHB provides that individual choice: To act upon one's own conscience with regard to one's own reproductive health. Let the individual decide afterwhich the State should provide.

    Many Christians see no conflict between the RHB and their religious views. Despite what the CBCP says, it does not promote abortion. You can't abort something that isn't there.