Wednesday, 6 April 2011

On unapologetically ithyphallic gods.

Tomorrow is the Festival of Min.


According to the festival list in the temple of Rameses III, the festival of Min began on the new moon of Pakhons and lasted for four days. Representations on temple walls depict the Pharaoh hoeing the ground and watering the fields while Min looked on, and on this date, the start of the harvest season, the Pharaoh ceremonially reaped the grain. This is a time to celebrate the growth, fertility, and abundance that Min represents. If you have a garden, spend time in it. Get fresh vegetables and make a feast in his honor – especially lettuce as this is his sacred plant, said to be produced from the god's semen. Min is an unapologetically phallic god, therefore anything sensual, ribald, and downright sexy would be a great way to honor him at this time. Just be careful – he is very much a god of fruitfulness! [Neos Alexandria festival list]


Since it's nowhere harvest season where I live (at least not the primary crops), I think I'm going for the other aspect of this festival – especially after being alerted to this. Fucking blew my brain to bits, that.

Anyway, is anybody else celebrating the Festival of Min tomorrow? This is actually my first time to formally honour Min or any other Egyptian god other than Hermanubis (who is really Graeco-Egyptian). Also, is it just me or does Min bear striking resemblance to Frey? Any other ithyphallic gods of fruitfulness in mind?


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