Thursday, 7 April 2011


Ever at guard between worlds is the Waywalker

Who is the Pathfinder

Who opens doors and keeps pathways safe

Who is our Guide, the ever vigilant

Who stands at the threshold, looking both ways

Who asssists travellers, living and dead

Who is our swift-footed Messenger

Who is ever clever

Who speaks with the best wit

Who is the Giver of persuasion

Who presides over commerce

Who is agile and the Lord of games

Who shakes the idle with laughter

Who is lucky in all things

Who is Master of chance

Who protects our flocks with sleepless vigilance

Who is our watchful Shepherd.

Hail the Traveller, the Fortunate, the Way-maker, the Guardian!

Hail our Lord and Brother!


Words by Aldrin, Art by Stuart Littlejohn

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