Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tabloid On Telly

I don't know how 24 Oras gets all its media awards. Their news items are shite! And when they aren't quite shitty, they report them like shite. Sure, they can masquerade unimportant news as gold and degrade important news to crap, I'll give them that. But they shouldn't be claiming that they're doing it for the people. 'Serbisyong totoo', my arse. If they intend to be tabloid-on-telly, they should say so and leave the serious reporting to a group that can truly 'represent'.

Tonight, they made a hype out of a group of plain monitor lizards in Thailand claiming they were giant common lizards the size of crocodiles. In Mike Enriquez's exaggerated Batangueño: "Mga higanteng butiki, kasing laki ng buwaya?!"

Bayawak 'yun; alam ng tao kung ano ang bayawak. At ano naman kung may bayawak sa Thailand e mayroon din naman tayo nun dito? (It's a monitor lizard; people know what a monitor lizard looks like. And so what if they have monitor lizards in Thailand when we have them here just the same?)

In all fairness, though, I think most of these fucktards on telly are rating-maniacs. They don't care what kind of rubbish they feed the people, as long as they get attention and rake in the dosh/dough. They should do the populace a favour and kill themselves before they infect the children.

Now, to some of you, I'm probably just over reacting. To be honest, I'm in a war. ;)


  1. Obviously, its a dead-news day for them. Hehehe. I don't watch 24 Oras. I'd rather see Ted Failon deliver his spiels on TV Patrol World.

  2. Read Pinoy blogs instead. That's where these idiots get their news from anyway. What you read today in a blog appears two days later on their newscast.

    They can't even get their facts straight. They reported last year that Willy Wang won an Olympic gold medal when Wu Shu isn't even an Olympic event. The event was held simultaneously with the Olympics but it wasn't part of it. I know because I was practicing weekly back then at the Wu Shu Fedaration, near Rizal Sports Complex, and it was what we were always talking about.

    And for chrissakes they kept calling Hamas a militant group. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Hamas the ruling party of the Palestinian government?

  3. @Knox: TV Patrol seems to be a lesser evil but an 'evil' none the less. Sensationalism should stay out of the news. It's just news. You just report as it is.

    @strangeboy: I know. One would expect more from these so-called journalists but, alas, we get much, much less. If a journalist can't even get his facts straight, what use is he?

    Yes, you are correct, Hamas is not a militant group. They may be considered terrorists but they're still a legitimate party.