Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Dahil Sobra Na!

I'm officially deaf. Someone just used "sobra" five times in the same sentence. And as if that wasn't enough, another celebrity had to say it all over again. In a commercial! One of the most vile purveyors of rubbish to the unsuspecting masses.
"Sobrang bilis... sobrang affordable."
In English: Too fast, too affordable.

Has it not occurred to these sobra-abusers that sobra means "too much" and not "very much"? And we all know that anything in excess is rarely a good thing. Kapag sobra, pangit na.

The correct word for "very much" is napaka or ubod ng. If you happen to come from Cavite, you would know d'ang, as well. But sobra is not the word, I'm sure.
In Spanish, unsurprisingly, sobra also means "over" or "surplus".

What is happening to your Tagalog, o' youth? Change, yes. Advance? Hardly.

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