Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bottled Water For 3 Pesos? Come On!

This deserves the blog. I just had a very unpleasant experience with a very arrogant American customer. (I feel that his nationality is important to mention because he seemed to think so.)

You see, earlier today, an American ordered 2 bottles of distilled water. We told him that they cost 10 pesos each.

He said: "But these things only cost 3 pesos." (I am oblivious as to where he got that ridiculous idea. I think I, a native, would know it better than him as to how much our products normally cost.)

We said: "No, they cost 10 if chilled. I can give them to you for 8 pesos but in room temperature."

He said: "You're only charging me 10 because I'm an American.

Amused, we said: "No, we charge every one 10 pesos."

Unconvinced, he said: "Then you won't see me buying here anymore.

Shocked but calm, we said: "Okay! Then don't."

What a godawful man. Thinking that we would overprice him just because he's American? Thinking we would overprice at all! What an arrogant, judgmental, common sense deprived wanker. Latak ng kanluran. Hindi ka na magtataka kung bakit isinusuka sila ng Europa kung saan sila nanggaling.

I shall not say he is a shame to America. I leave that to his fellow citizens.


  1. Entitlement is not sexy. Neither is ignorance.

  2. Same experience with my friends in Beijing. They were drinking in a touristy lounge bar in the hutong districts and there were two American tourists on the other table. They were complaining about the price of a glass of wine. The fact was that it was the cheapest ok bar in the area.

  3. We have Lonely Planet and all those travel guides to thank for that. Their books have this warning to beware merchants and taxi drivers over-charging tourists especially in Asia.

    They even advise to first negotiate for a third of the quoted price then settle for half. I think that's where your guy got the 3 peso idea.

    So now we have this trend of foreigners bargaining down to ridiculous prices because they have this deluded notion that you can live on pennies in the third world.

  4. Ronald: Indeed!

    Omar: Mapapaisip ka tuloy kung nasa kultura nila ang pagiging barat.

    xtian: LMAO!

    Wes: I know. Just because we're in the "third world" doesn't mean we're after their money. Not every one is a worshipper of the mighty dollar.