Monday, 13 April 2009

The Wrong Kind Of Taglish?

I hear nails on a chalkboard whenever someone does this:

“Ang favourite kong memory is yung nag-birthday ako...”
“Ang point ko is hindi tayo dapat nagaaway...”
“Yung ingreditents kasi is mahirap hanapin...” (The conjugation is wrong, too. It should be "are".)

Whatever happened to the more appropriate, less prone to error 'ay'? Ang favourite kong memory ay yung..., Ang point ko ay hindi..., Yung ingredients kasi ay... I do not even mind the redundant loanwords anymore. I just think replacing 'ay' with 'is' is silly.

Where do we draw the line that divides casual code-switching and idiocy?


  1. Serious?!? May gumagamit niyan?

  2. you are such a nitpicker, aldrin! :P

    heto ang isang batok mula sa nuno sa punso! *toinks*

    this joke na ito IS hindi something na dapat seryosohin ni whoever.

    nyehehe! :P

    ps: how come ayaw lumabas nung nick ko? :(

  3. Hehehe... And I'm good at it, no?

    PS: Hmmm...hindi ko rin alam. May iniba ka ba? Dati naman puwede eh. :S