Tuesday, 14 April 2009

In Communion With The Primordial

My moments in nature are my best moments. Nothing beats communion with the Primordial.

To the burning wheel of the heavens, parent of all life, I have no extravagant poems for you but my gestures of thanks and a piece of bread. Hail to the Gods above us, amongst us, and below us.


  1. i loved the little dance toward the end of the first video. hehehe!

    i was a bit disappointed that you didn't include the frogs... :P

    question: why bread and not grain? any particular meaning to it? also, what was the music playing in the background? :)

    thanks for sharing, aldrin.

  2. Haha! I thought you would like that. ;) I didn't have a chance to include the frogs because I was too busy running like hell. Hehe.

    I offered bread (and not raw grain) because it was only thing we had that day. As they say: "offer what you have". In my opinion, primordial gods like the sun don't "care" that much anyway. ;)

    Music in the first video is "Hoireann O" by Capercaillie, a popular Gaelic band from Scotland. The second video is an ancient hymn to Helios. I don't know who sang the remake but the song is thousands of years old.