Thursday, 16 April 2009

Nothing Beats The Original

Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther, 1963: (please read in a French accent)

Mailman passes by Inspector Jacques Clouseau and dog.

Mailman: Does your dog bite?

Clouseau: No.

Mailman tries to pat dog. Dog tries to bite mailman.

Mailman: Monsieur, you said your dog does not bite! Your dog tried to bite me!

Clouseau: That is not my dog.

Classic yet still potent, eh?

On a somewhat related note, I have just finished watching all existing Bring It On "sequels" (except for the coming one, of course). And I must say that, in my opinion, they all pale in comparison to the original. In my 23 years, I have seen very few sequels that were better than the originals: The Lion King II, The Little Mermaid II, Pocahontas II? Come on.

I have to give it to Austin Powers, though. The sequels were better.


  1. "bring it on" sequels...?

    aldrin, has it really come to this?




    ps: ayaw pa rin e. ala na sa options yung name/open id, tapos yung wordpress, "URL contains illegal characters" daw. huhuhu!

  2. Hey, what's wrong with Bring It On? The first one was a good movie. And I was a cheerleader once too, haven't I told you? Hehe.

    Hmm...could it be the browser? Open ID works fine with me. :(

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  4. "that is not my dog" - lol

    i love it!

    - bestactress

  5. Si bestactress tinanggal pa pangalan.

    Oo nga naman, no? Assumptive kasi. :P