Sunday, 27 January 2008

Time To Shout

I just want all of you to know that I have taken two of my silent "activisms" into open practice. I hereby announce my open boycott of anything produced by a large Japanese company or anything attached to the uterus of their government.

If it's Japanese, I'm not buying it. (Thank goodness I'm not into anim

This shall be my protest until the Japanese Government and the Chrysanthemum Throne confirm their errors to the world and make up for them. (I shall give no history lecture; all of you should know very well of their unresolved atrocities.) Perhaps if we stop feeding their corporations with our hard-earned money, they could have some real Nihonjin humility and finally apologise?

Idealistic? Certainly. Impossible? Close. Pointless? Maybe. But this is my stand. 'Tis not a case of an unforgiving heart. Should they seek forgiveness, I can bestow it. But no one from their party has ever sought it...sincerely.

I would hate to forget about eating at Japanese restaurants, but I must do this. I want to think Bushidō, Kokoro, and The Last Samurai. But alas, I cannot forget that period in history when they raped half of the globe when they promised to liberate it.

I am not calling for hate.
I am calling for resolution. They should compensate. (No, cars and porn will not do.)

On a similar level, I have also stopped patronising anything that devotes itself to globalist consumerism, its poster boy being McDonald's. If your company is told that your practices harm the environment; that your company inflicts suffering on animals, feeds unhealthy substances to unsuspecting children, and serves fries containing meat though they were claimed to be vegetarian - you should listen, stop, and do something. Unless one is deaf to morality or is solely interested in profit. (I suspect both for they have been repeatedly told to little effect.)

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