Thursday, 3 January 2008


I haven't finished my resolutions. Inspiration drives me to pray instead. (Some lines inspired from various poetry by Hearthstone, Ceisiwr Serith, Sannion, and Brynhyld.)

Hail to you day, hail to you day's sons; hail to you night and daughters of night. I look to you with glad eyes, may you be witness to my prayers.

I pray to the wide and all-seeing heavens who look over the earth and her children; whose anger is the storm and whose mercy is the rain. To the ancient one before us all, may you secure our people and our property; keep us safe from typhoon, meteor shower, and cancer-causing UV. We know you are unbiased but you are also merciful. I've always campaigned against smoke-belchers; I have never burnt plastic nor patronised chlorofluorocarbons. For another year, old father, protect us. So that we may give you praise forever and look upon your sapphire-painted face with smiles.

I pray to the broad and all-feeding earth who is both gentle and terrible; whose anger is the quake and whose mercy is the richness of soil. To the mother of all that grows; on whom we walk, from whom we come, across whom we go on our life-long journey. May your compassion never tire to forgive us when we wrong you; may you preserve our existence and our happiness as we feed from your all-nourishing bosom. For another year, oldest of mothers, sustain us.

I pray to the all-reaching waters who are both under and above us; in deep crevices under your sister earth and above her the mighty seas. From you all life has sprung and continues to thrive. Continue to provide us with water to drink and blood in our veins to exist. We know you are slow to anger; may our lives be so lucky to never see you in fury. For another year, live with us, live in us.

For another year, may we remember that by loving you we are loving ourselves. Your current state of being is our survival. Oh eldest of gods, hear us another year.

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