Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Thank Weirdness

[Aldrin talking about the country and degenerating civilisation.]

Some shmuck: "Ayan ka nanaman Aldrin. Ang weird mo talaga." (There you are again, Aldrin. You are so weird.)

[Aldrin with his ears a bit red but still very British.]

"I've come to terms with my being weird. At least I'm not like everybody else. Who would want to be so ordinary?"

Nonetheless, I can't seem to figure out what was so weird with talking about civilisation!

Grey-eyed God, wise one and warrior, artisan and philosopher, help us to cultivate wisdom, reason, and purity. Remind us that ignorance is inexcusable and a stagnant mind is an abomination. Remind us to learn new things whenever possible and to never fear new knowledge. And to philosophise, yes that is good. We would rather die as wrinkled wise men rather than beautiful idiots.
Khaire Athene.

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