Sunday, 18 February 2007

Instik, Instik!

Photo16_1恭喜發財, 新年快樂!

Today is the only day I can be Chinese to the fullest. Thus, Chinese-for-a-Day. I'm taking the day off to wallow in whatever is left of my Chinese ancestry because it's back to being "Hybrid" tomorrow. It's the least I can do for the 10% of myself that belongs to the Middle Kingdom.

10 things about today:

1. This still boggles me: Saan napulot ng Pinoy ang "Kunghei Fatchoi"? It's Cantonese. Aren't the majority of Chinese Filipinos, Fujianese? So far, the only public figures I've heard use the local 'Kionghi Huatzai' are Lito Atienza and Joey De Leon.

2. Can we please stop using the word "Instik"? It is so yester-century. It's either Tsino or Chinese. Tawagin kaya kitang indio?

3. I firmly believe both parents should be in charge. Not just the father. If the father dies (or is simply non-existent), I think it's only fitting that the mother take the kabisera. I think it's awkward for the eldest son to sit there when the mother is still very much alive (and definitely more able). There are a few parts of Confucianism that I'd wish to reform.

4. It's fish for luncheon and dinner today. "Nian nian you yu," as they say. I'm not complaining. I'm not the biggest fan of pork. Chicken ("isang kahig, isang tuka") doesn't sound so fitting either.

5. I'm actually feeling a bit ill today. Bowing 13 times isn't helping. Great. Way to herald the new year, eh? I've heard Tigers aren't very lucky this year. Damnit.

6. I haven't had my chongsan washed for 3 years now. Damn the absence of cheap dry cleaning!

7. I'm not compelled to learn Mandarin. I know it sounds classy and sophisticated, but it's not my language. It's like a Cebuano v Tagalog thing. I'm only learning it if I have to.

8. I think China fared better when it was still under the Emperors, don't you think? Piss off, Reds! Where would the Orient be without the Emperors?

9. I still favour Traditional script over Simplified. Not that I know how to write it. It just feels better.

10. Currently listening to: Kelly Chen, Faye Wong, and the Twelve Girls Band.
Oh, and something extra:
11. I think the Koreans and Japanese should scratch the Gregorian-determined New Year's Day (1st Jan) off their calendars. Let the West have what is theirs, and East its own. Sehebong Manibaduseyo and Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu, respectively.

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