Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What We Still Need

After a month-long hiatus, we still need the following:

More volunteers and goods to help the victims of Ondoy/Ketsana and Pepeng/Parma.
I have found that this site can be very helpful: And please do not tire of tweeting about it. It helps.

More support for the RH Bill. Don't you want to have your own say when it comes to your health and not have a group of celibate single males decide for you? Sign the petition here; blog about it, tweet it, do anything to get this known.

More intelligent people in public office. This has been long overdue. Arguably, it is the root of all suffering in this country. That or the lack of will to self-govern and self-discipline.

And lastly, we still need meds to cure people from virtual farming and virtual restaurant management. I am still infected. It has been eating most of my waking time. Shall we wait until I can no longer even blog about it?
Please be my neighbour at FarmVille, Café World, Island Paradise, Restaurant City, Pet Society, and Country Story. Don't forget the gifts, too!

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