Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lazy Blogger Tweets

At this very moment, I have 323 unfinished, unpublished entries for this blog: each one needing a specific combination of emotions to finalise. Obviously, I haven't been getting the right combinations these days. Being glued to Facebook and YouTube makes you wonder if you're actually accomplishing anything? 

Anyway, as a lame attempt to blog again, below is a list of tweets that I could have blogged about but couldn't due to an embarrassing level of laziness. (But if you think that's lazy, I'm actually eating pumpkin seeds right now... with their shells on!)

   1. We are the children of the Phoenicians and the Greeks, the Roman generals and Arab emirs, and Frankish Crusaders, too. B'habak ya Loubnan!
   2. I would rather live in the country side, smelling horse shit and jasmine than sewage and smog in your ugly, ugly city.
   3. Where in the world did you get the stupid idea that only girl friends can hold hands?! Damn you homophobia!

   4. Wafa Sultan: "You can believe in stones as long as you don't throw them at me."
   5. The anti-Islamic Christians should not rejoice too much in this. Wafa's arguments work against them just the same.
   6. Can anyone confirm if this is true? If so, my wrath will be felt across nations.
   7. You'd think the new upgrades in FarmVille should be enough to cheer me up from the sadness of an emigrating cousin. All unsuccessful. Ack!
  8. Kung hindi ka handang maupakan o lumaban man lang, huwag mo nang subuking mang-asar. Baka makita ka pa sa TV, nakakatawa lang. #Wynne Arboleda #Alain Katigbak
  9. Aren't you glad your parents let you watch The Simpsons as a kid? I am! It's funnier and far more sensible than Flying House.
  10. It's probably because I'm a busy newbie but this piece is too hard for me!
  11. One day, one day... my whistle, fiddle, and bodhran will be worthy.
  12. I want my fickin' garden back. I can't live in a house without earth and green growing things!
  13. Ken Wilber, 1981: "At this point in history, the most radical, pervasive, and earth-shaking transformation would occur simply if everybody truly evolved to a mature, rational, and responsible ego capable of freely participating in the open exchange of mutual self-esteem."
  14. I am both sad and angry at this. Why do we let these things happen?
  15. Ako ay nananawagan sa kung sinumang may pananagutan sa mga "urban" Bajau/Badjao. Hihingan ka na nga ng pera, mumurahin ka pa. Pakisundo po sila.
  16. Dan Brown's mum: "If we spent half the intellect and money we spend on killing each other on solving problems, wouldn’t that be great?"
  17. I love this Jew: Sarah Silverman on "How to end world hunger? Sell the Vatican. Feed the world."
  18. I dreamt, in my siesta time, that I was shouting at a bunch of bishops: "Abajos coños obispos, libertad". Probably because of the RH Bill?
  19. Mia Yrreverre Abendan: Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them.
  20. I first saw this episode a year ago on DVD (eherm). Loved it! I still do.
  21. I will flay these anti-Agora dullards. Get your own fickin' movie.
  22. I am sick of meddling priests and pastors. There is no room for sectarian dominance in a pluralistic society.
  23. I dedicate this to Stephen Gately. Ta tu go hiontach!
  24. I am loving this Rachel Weisz (as Hypatia of Alexandria) quote: "You don't question what you believe... [but] I must."
  25. I can't wait to see this film. Let us not forget Hypatia, what she did, and what was done unto her.
  26. I think the concept of race is obsolete. In this world, who isn't genetically mixed anyway? Differences are cultural. Let's celebrate that!
  27. I wonder if finding this video hilarious makes me a sadist? These blokes are bloody mad!
  28. I am not a traditional Christian but I enjoy these things because they ARE perfectly enjoyable. Besides, it looks pagan to me.
  29. I love this little guy. He's my favourite dancer for this year's karakol.
  30. I like the old timers at 2 min 00 sec. The steps haven't changed in centuries. Srsly.         

  31. I believe in the power of Karakol. The beats are apostatic [sic]. Smash your borders and dance! HAPPY FIESTA, IMUS!
  32. I am shocked and sad. Stephen Gately, dead at 33.         

  33. I am tired of cleaning cat poo. They keep on defecating on my neighbour's parking space. Three kittens and a mum for adoption, anyone?

  34. I fall into ecstasy whenever I hear howling wolves. Awoooooooooooooooooo!
  35. I think Western-oriented women shouldn't give up their family names for their husbands'. It is so hard to locate female kinsmen!                 

  36. I'm not a misanthropist. I just despise certain types of human. For a supposedly intellectual species, we are a little too vile. 

If anyone is interested, my Twitter is aldrin_ft.

PS: I am so craving for Turkish Delight (shown in photo above) right now. I think I'll go and tweet that.


  1. Thanks for tweeting. I thought I was the only one with a bunch of unfinished blog posts languishing in the "edit" pile.

    Sarah Silverman is a Jew I love as well. There are many Jews I love, like the Beastie Boys. But she is extra-special.

    And, yes, that story about the lesbian in Florida is terrible. Did you know that the very anti-gay governor of Florida is a closeted gay man?

    I heard about it from the movie "Outrage" , among other places:

  2. Oh, you are not alone, mamiel. It bothers me, really.

    Glad you like her, too. She's only second to Bette Midler, though. I loved her first. ;)

    Oh, is he? Oh, man, that makes it all worse. That story makes me really sad. Those things shouldn't happen.