Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Frustrated Farmer

Why hasn't the Watcher been updating the blog lately? He's busy in the farms. Seriously. He wishes they could be real farms, though. Aren't farms just bloody lovely?!

I promise to blog something more socially relevant very soon. But for the while, you may c
heck out my FarmVille photos on Flickr. Good on us all, us fur-footed, green-thumbed hobbits!


  1. You've been missed mister farmer.

    Kaya pala tahimik ka lately ha!

  2. Hahaha I thought this was pretty funny. My boyfriend is obsessed with Farmville. My farm isnt very big yet, but I play too. What a fun game!

  3. Knox: Haha! Thanks. I miss my own blog, too. But I just can't let go of my farm until I can plant watermelons. :D

    Tobias: It is! It's probably my inner farmer that's got me obsessed. Cyber Demeter bless my crops, please. ;)