Monday, 30 March 2009

Silly Representations Of High Society

In a local soap opera, two ladies from a supposedly "affluent" family pick a fight with a handsome idiot (who apparently had picked a less commercially attractive woman over the wealthy lady's daughter).

Overacting 80's teen actress says: "I can't believe you're choosing
yung pangit na 'yan over my anak."

Translation: "I can't believe you're choosing that ugly girl over my daughter!" and "Hindi ako makapaniwala na pinili mo yung pangit na iyan at hindi ang anak ko!" in unadulterated English and Tagalog respectively.

Her daughter (played by half-Japanese, big-breasted actress) adds: "You slat!" (She probably meant 'slut'.)

Is this how they portray "high society" on TV? They sound more like social climbers. With all that money, you would expect some form of higher education.

Yet again, we are given proof of good money put to waste on the production of garbage, the propagation of garbage, and overpayment of garbage.

PS: Who do you think the actresses in question are? Clues: Romnick Sarmienta and Motorolla.


  1. si iwa moto yung "slat"!

    hindi ko alam yung overacting 80s teen actress. hehe.

    hindi ako nanonood ng mga tsip siyows e. :P

    di ba dati si claudine, "slat" din ang bigkas sa iisa pa lamang? hehehe.

    meron talagang binabagayan ang mga sosyalera kontrabida roles e like cherie gil back in her day. tapos ngayon pwede siguro si anne curtis. wala na akong maisip pa... marian rivera maybe? nyahaha.

  2. Haha! Tama ka!

    Tingan mo ulit, in-edit ko. Ang clue: Romnick Sarmienta.

    Tama. Si Cherie Gil nga bagay sa mga ganun. At si Marian. LOLLLLLLLL