Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Barrack Obama not the first African American president?

I just do not get it when people call Barrack Obama the first "black" or African American president. He is not just "black"
, he also happens to be "white". Whilst his father is a native-born Luo from Kenya, his mother happens to be of English descent. That makes him "mulatto" and not "negro" to use Hispanic terms.

Apparently, for many Americans, having at least one black ancestor makes you just black. Makes you wonder if they have really gone past the old racist beliefs. Even the concept of separate, unmovable races is in fact outdated. In Africa alone there are all sorts of physiological features: Capoid, Caucasoid, Negroid, Pygmoid, Nilotic, etc. Identities based on physical features do not seem to make sense anymore.


  1. it's also been said that some former US presidents had african-american ancestry. so the question is: does it really matter?

    if americans were really serious about stopping racism, obama's being "black" wouldn't even be an issue at all, would it? :)

  2. Exactly! Spot on!

    Apparently, they still can't get over a lot of things that don't really matter to the rest of the world. Meh. ;)