Thursday, 26 February 2009

Internet Hell!

"Hell", some philosophers say, is the separation from god or atman (or whatever you want to call the universal bond of kinship).

Yes, I spoke too soon. I have not been liberated from the 'internet hiatus' yet. I have been in Web Hell for almost two weeks now, separated from my all-knowing god, the Intarwebz. I trust that I do not need to mention the name of my internet provider. If yours is working fine then we do not have the same one.

I am really cheesed off.

On the other hand, I can still smile because I can play The Battle for Middle Earth II now. Weeeeeeeeeeh! I just need some patches to fix all the crashing. (Help, anyone?)

P.S. I am squatting on someone else's Wi-Fi.


  1. i hear you're officially back in business, aldrin? :D and don't feel guilty, i sometimes aquat on some stranger's wifi myself during emergency situations. hehe.

    sent you an email, btw. :D