Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Good News

Lately I have been reading some very interesting news from a very interesting news blog "Good Times Manila". You have got to check it out!

Gloria Arroyo has secret 'imaginary friends'
Most Filipinos believe they were switched at birth
Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera get into an argument in QC bar
Sharon miraculously survives 20 floor plunge
Hayden Kho hooks up with Madame Auring
Loren sips coffess as Villar slowly dies
Sorry, no Barack-Gloria movie
Greenpeace sues Korina for polluting the air
Mike Enriquez hospitalized after cave mishap
Kim Chiu swept off her feet - literally
Mistaken identity makes Charice Pempenco cry
Marian's temper flares at salon
Group protests 'homoerotic scenes' in new soap
Pacquiao daughter to change name

Do not forget to read the About page afterwards.

Note: "It’s not for those who have little or no sense of humor, and certainly not for those who cannot laugh at themselves. It’s for those among us who look at life a little differently from the norm. It’s for folks who can laugh unreservedly at human foibles – their own and those of others, especially."

PS: Happy 10,000th page view to GTM!


  1. wow, i'm honored, aldrin!

    thanks so much! :D

    judging from the titles you chose to put here (and what you chose not to), i can pretty much tell what type of stories didn't sit well with you. you know what i'm talking about. ;)

    and i really appreciate that you didn't take me to task for that. hehehe!

    but really, if i start bordering on the offensive, or when i've started to cross the line, i give you permission to rap me in the head.

    that's a one-time only offer, so you better take advantage, okay? ;)

    see ya when i see ya!

  2. Join us at, man.

    We're still doing regular meetups.


  3. The pleasure is mine, deejay. ;)

    Hm, I'm not sure what you mean. I haven't disliked any of your entries yet; satire is satire. I chose those above because they made me laugh the most. But perhaps I UNCONSCIOUSLY chose them. Hmm. What made you think the others didn't sit well with me? Because you might be right, you know. Tell me.

    Nevertheless I'm taking that offer. I highly appreciate it. :)


  4. haha, i must have been overthinking. (as always).

    nah, i had this idea in my head that you wouldn't like all the gay jokes. and i was getting conscious of the fact that i'd been posting an inordinate amount of them (piolo, raymond, jakerald). haha!

    i may not look it, but i'm a sensitive guy... wehehe!

    thanks again, aldrin. :D

  5. Awwww. Thanks deejay. I really, really appreciate all this. *big smile*

    I don't mind the "gay" jokes if they are "gay jokes". They're just jokes to me. IMO your satires, so far, have not bordered on the offensive. They're still in good taste. In fact, your Raymond jokes are a vindication of my own. Haha!

    And don't worry, I believe you're a sensitive guy, even before you confessed to it. ;)