Friday, 16 January 2009

New Blog: Man Talks

MTM is a blog about men, for men, written by men.

You can check them out at:

"Because real men can hold hands."

MTM is about male-male relationships: about men and their need for intimacy, affection, and bonding with other men.

MTM promotes brotherhood between blokes who desire only the best for their fellow blokes. We aim to limit if not nullify the effects of social oppression towards men (whether by other men or by women, or by society in general). We are not unlike Men's Movement in this respect.

MTM is about male-male sexuality: about men and their sexual attraction to other men, and the need to eliminate irrational fears and inhibitions in regard to these feelings.

MTM is not about 'homosexuality', as it includes female-female sexuality, and has historically been [incorrectly] associated with sexual misconduct (eg: sodomy), mental conditions (eg: GID), culture-specific sexual identities (eg: Gay), and transgender - which all deserve blogs of their own.

MTM is not about misogyny. We do not think that males are better than females. We do not, and cannot, hate women. We believe that both sexes have their differences but are nonetheless born equal.

MTM is not against male-female sexuality. By all means, indulge in it if you feel it natural. Humans, like most primates, are naturally "bisexual" beings. We are attracted to whoever is "hot" regardless of gender.

MTM is not for perverts looking to get laid. Sex is a good thing but this is not a channel for meaningless sexual exploits. We believe that sex should be treated with respect.

And lastly, the bros of MTM are not infallible. We do not claim to be experts on sexual health, sociology, psychology or anthropology. You may use the comments section to argue with, for, or against any material you see as unacceptable on an objective level.

Note: Posts from MTM shall be cross posted here under 'ManTalks'.

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  1. Absolutely great blog. I'm so glad you chose to do this. Everything about this is perfect. I wish you all the luck.