Thursday, 29 January 2009

Christians Persecuted Once Again

Sorry, I could not help but share this:

Christians Persecuted Once Again

I usually don't pay much heed to Christians in North America crying that they are being persecuted and discriminated against, but I think they just might have a case here:

The latest
assault against Christianity is a nefarious organization calling for a (gasp) "No Name-Calling Week" at schools. The fact that many gay rights organizations support the initiative is evidence enough that this is all a liberal plot to take away children's god-given right to torment homosexuals.

Imagine good Christian children having to survive for a whole week without being able to call anybody a faggot. If that isn't persecution I don't know what is. In fact, Linda Harvey, spokeswoman for the Christian activist group Mission America "contends the effort promotes hate, not tolerance", because homosexuality is actually a hate crime. "The only hate around is homosexuality itself. It hates the natural human body and spirit, and opposes truth at every level".

They feel that forcing children to be respectful to each other goes against everything the bible teaches. And according to Harvey the world began descending into anarchy and darkness the moment we began teaching kids to be tolerant of others. "Christians are not the oppressors, nor the creators of division in schools. This horrendous behavior is. And it will not end, even if Christians were to leave. Actually, all that's restraining total barbarism is the few true Christians left,".

Another glass of Kool-Aid Linda Harvey?

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