Friday, 4 July 2008

Keffiyeh Blues

My friends, this is the keffiyeh which is also called the shmagh. This cultural item of the Arab world has been worn by its makers and their inheritors for many years now, not only to protect their faces from harsh elements but also as an emblem of their culture. And especially for those around the Levant, the keffiyeh has been a symbol of Palestinian solidarity.

I think one should know that before wearing the blasted thing.
Quite unfortunately, many people today are ignorant of this. Ghastly. To them, it is just a pretty coloured scarf. I hope they at least know what it is called and where it comes from.

I just do not believe in fashion for the sake of fashion. Ultimately what we wear should have use. If you are not going to use the bloody thing for shielding your face from sun, dust, or wind - what the fuck is it for?


  1. I thought the name of that scarf is Sahal. I bought one some years back. Who would have thought that others would think of such piece of cloth as fashion accessory.

  2. Hmm... that last question could be applied to one of man examples: sunglasses, sunhats, fur coats, Ugg boots, etc. etc. etc... what can I say? Obviously fashion is the common mindset of the elites, and us savages who use that funny little thing called "common sense" haven't gotten that yet.

  3. @Mugen: It's called many names in different parts of the Arab world. Perhaps sahal is another name.

    I know, eh? Some people just don't know when to stop humiliating themselves re: their ignorance.

    @JP: I'd rather be a savage then, than forsake my common sense. ;)