Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sumer Is Icumen In?

It is the twenty second of June in the Philippines, just two days after Helios reached his zenith. How am I supposed to enjoy Midsummer with all this rain?

But then again, had I been in Sweden or Greece today, I would be missing the July rains all the same.

So this is the price one pays for being a bi-cultural miscegenate, eh? Emotional ambivalence for the seasons!


  1. I missed Swedish Midsummer this year!!! Looks like lots of fun!!

    Thanks for posting pictures

  2. No problem.

    I am missing the midsummer of my forefathers. I never got to experience it.
    *sniff, sniff*

  3. it was an experience when i celebrated midsommar afton in Malung, north of Sweden back in 2007. my Swedish friends laughed at me when i kept on jumping just to fight the chill off...9 degrees on a summer night. it was crazy for a tropical asian like me.

  4. Hello, nathanpogi! Thanks for sharing your Midsommar experience. I've never gone to Sveeeeeden but I can imagine how cold it was. ;)