Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Intimacy Is Best For Infants And Above

There's a lot of comfort and freedom around these men.


The combination of agression and tenderness evident is what I find so compelling.


I think what it is, is that they are so at ease with their masculinity, that they are completely comfortable being intimate with each other. This is something we have lost in Western Europe and America where any intimacy between men is seen as 'sexualized.'


The wrestlers' complete security in their masculinity that allows for horseplay and moments of intimacy is something that is very rare to see in the current age. American prudishness sees any such intimacy as sexualized and forbidden, while Western European coolness means that such intimacy is rarely expressed.


The wrestlers are a little bit wary of Gay photographers and are unhappy that their sport is often sexualized.


Some of the photographers who do behave a bit obnoxiously has affected the way the guys behave and made them more self conscious. If this keeps happening it will probably be impossible to take some of these shots in a few years time.

(Commentary derived from the featured photographer istanbulmike.)

Idiots may call it gay or bading, but we old farts simply call it 'natural'.

PS: This is Yağlı Güreş (Yagli Gures), Turkey's national sport.


  1. (transferred comment)
    Ian Benedict said...

    Kidding aside, it would be nice to bond with other males like that. Gay, straight or bisexual. No malice at all. Kung mayroon man akong sobrang kinaiinggitan sa mga babae dito sa'tin, ito iyon.

  2. True.

    See, what the absence of "gay/straight/bisexual" labels can do? That is the Old World for you.

    The pressures of men, remember? Women are rarely burdened by those, thus are free from inner and outer prejudice. (albeit false prejudice)