Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Subic Rape Case: Nicole And Daniel

The Subic Rape Case is to be decided next month, I've heard.

I won't ask your forgiveness. Magalit na ang may nais magalit, dalahin niyo iyan. But I do not believe alias "Nicole" was raped by Cpl Smith and gang. They had sex, yes. But rape? That is yet to be proved. Those feminazis should keep their mouths shut, and their childish flag-burning antics to rest. Save it for the decision. I'm not saying this because Smith is a fellow of my own sex. In the same way that I wouldn't be supporting Nicole (say she really was raped) just because we both sing the same national anthem. I say this because I have a mind of my own, keeping it open as much as possible, and because I choose to keep my opinion an opinion and not go yakking on TV as if I actually knew what happened. Sa madaling salita, huwag tayong mayabang sa opinyon, tutal simula't sapul, pare-pareho lang naman tayong mga walang alam dito. Ano? Ano?

I pray for the truth, whatever it may be.