Monday, 4 December 2006

Smith Guilty, Nicole Glorified

Okay, it just came out. Cpl Danniel Smith has been found guilty. The other three have been acquitted.

Now that it's out, we can make something close-to-concrete out of all this. Now we can move from simply being in assumption.

Therefore I say:

1. Dannyboy should be punished accordingly. Evidence seems to prove him guilty of abuse. But I say he should be locked in a separate cell away from the scum of Filipino society. It wasn't just his fault. Let's be real here, people. It wasn't like he snatched the girl and raped her à la Quest For Fire. Do you get what I'm implying here?

2. As for Nicole, she shouldn't be glorified. Not at all. She should be given due justice, sure. But not glory. As Marvin Tikvah would say “Come on!” I say she's far from the innocent angel some people assume her to be. Poor lady's going to be just another postergirl for the maenads of Gabriela.

3. Our mediamen should not be biased, or at least not be so obvious about it. Report news as it is, personal stands please sell separately.

4. No more childish flag burning, for the nth time. Respect begets respect. Burning one nation's flag is an attack on the whole nation, its people, and its culture. Burn an effigy or something, not a flag.

Though verdicts have been spoken, nonetheless, we--the spectators--still remain "pare-parehong walang alam sa tunay na nangyari". Ano? Ano?


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