Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A birthday prayer to my Daimôn

Eautou Daimôn, be thou increased in power
on this day; the day of my birth; the day of my naming.
As I step into another year of my life,
protect me and watch over me;
guide my feet and my way,
my thoughts and my speech,
that everything I do be according to what-is-right;
that my acts be just, be true, be pure;
that in all this, I may secure for myself and my family
the friendship of the Gracious Ones,
the protection of the Mighty Ones;
the guidance of the Wise Ones;
that in all this, I may honour the names
of my beloved father and our noble ancestors
today and tomorrow,
and for all the days of my life.

May it be so.

More love to you, my Daimôn!


  • The personal deity known as the Eautou (personal or "one's own") or Genethlios (birthright) Daimon is the guardian spirit who watches over the fate of an individual from birth. They are similar to 'guardian angels' in Christianity.
  • Daimon in Greek, and especially in ancient Greek religion, means 'divine spirit'.

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