Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Today is the third Wednesday from the Kalends (Noumenia) of October, and the third day of my three-day thanksgiving to Hermes-Mercurius as god of commerce and travel. I have so far already offered white chocolate mocha on the first day, hot chocolate with cinnamon and nutmeg on the second day at our house herm, and green tea latte today (though, I did originally promise strawberries and cream).

I joyfully consumed them all in his honour; but, of course, not without a symbolic libation (our business areas are carpeted).

As someone who depends on sales, wit, and cunning for a living -- not to mention being in a business that involves travel and hospitality -- I owe him heaps. So, be thou well, Mercator! Agoraios! Fortunus! Beloved lord and friend!

As you will recognise, this is the prayer I offer you before beginning every work day:
Hear thou Mercury, full of luck,
Who guides the traffic of merchants and travellers:
Praises I pour out to thee,
O champion of commerce, silver-tongued god.
Open my day today to all things auspicious and fortunate,
To joyous business and prosperous sales,
As you have always done, faithful friend.
Be thou increased in power, o god dearest to mankind,
So that we may be increased in joy.

If you like it, please continue to bless my path, my words, and my business -- and that of my kin -- every single day.

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