Sunday, 18 September 2011


Siyá: Ikáw ba, hindî ka magagalit kung lagyán ko ng titì ang picture ng tatay mo?
(Him: Wouldn't you get angry if I placed a penis in your father's picture?)

Akó: Hindî. Hindî ko namán tatay 'yan e. Walâ namáng titì sa mukhâ ang tatay ko e.
(Me: Nope. That's not my father. My father doesn't have a penis on his face.)

Sapagkát ang larawan mong pinapangit ay hindî mo na larawan... kung hindî ka talagá pangit.
(Because a defaced picture is no longer your picture... if you don't actually look that way.)

Christ or Mickey Mouse?
This is Chrismouse.

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