Tuesday, 26 January 2010

2010/01/12-18: Gloomy Bear, Ang Ladlad, Haiti, Vodoun, Pat Robertson, Avatar, Vatican, Christianity, Pussies, Marriage

  1. Video: I hope only the sanest of souls get to watch this. The neck biting, er nibbling will be in my... http://tumblr.com/xit5m1cdr
  2. Photo: Some bishops oppose SC ruling on gay group. Bigotry is their daily bread. http://tumblr.com/xit5m0xyy
  3. Video: Haitian ambassador on Pat Robertson’s wonderful interpretation of the Christian vision. (Related... http://tumblr.com/xit5m0kpp
  4. Photo: The world’s tallest man, 8 ft 1 in (246.5 cm) Sultan Kosen, welcomes the shortest man in the world, 2... http://tumblr.com/xit5m07od
  5. Photo: Courage and comfort for Haiti. Let’s help in any way we can. That could be us there. Think Ondoy or... http://tumblr.com/xit5j0j83
  6. Photo: “I see you…” — The Dark Lord Sauron Na’vi greeting (via joriben) http://tumblr.com/xit5j01ca
  7. Photo: Pat Robertson blames ‘devil pact’ for Haiti quake. The man is a legend at saying the craziest things.... http://tumblr.com/xit5izpw3
  8. Photo: Gay teen worried he might be Christian. Abomination! Such a ghastly, unnatural inclination cannot be! http://tumblr.com/xit5izdpg
  9. Photo: Pope says gays endanger humanity. Papa Ratzi is evil and he doesn’t even know it. Or does he? Waste of... http://tumblr.com/xit5iz1eb
  10. Photo: Help the 205 pussies. Help a pussy, please? (Seriously, let’s help the cats.) http://tumblr.com/xit5i3yk9
  11. Photo: SC orders Comelec to count Ladlad in 2010 polls. Whilst I do not agree with everything that Ang Ladlad... http://tumblr.com/xit5i2jnj
  12. Photo: ‘Renewable marriage’ proposed. I wouldn’t mind if they had this here. http://tumblr.com/xit5i17fa
  13. Photo: Vatican says ‘Avatar’ is no masterpiece. Joining Ross Douhat is Papa Ratzi who really needs to get a... http://tumblr.com/xit5hztc1

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