Sunday, 17 May 2009

Someone's Incompetence At My Expense?

Obviously, I'm still offline. I'm on my 19th day without any internet connection. I've literally got hundreds of messages to read (and reply to) in my inbox and dozens of blog drafts itching to be published. I've got tonnes of material to research on, too! Not to mention, I'm absolutely left out on all the intarwebz updates. How long does it bloody take to transfer accounts?! The old house is just a few blocks from the new one! Gah.

Why am I raving on "incompetence"? Kasi nung pinuntahan namin ang buwakanenang (toot) na iyan, pagkatapos ng 11 araw, hindi pa pala nagalaw iyung transfer papers?! And now we wait for another 10 days?! Gahhhh! I swear, if they hit on 20, I am so going to transfer to another provider.

Just ranting---in an internet cafe with abysmal speed. Ack.


  1. Chill. I don't often see you having a temper like this. :)

  2. Hehe, thanks. I get fed up, too. Apologies. :)