Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Kumain Ka Na Ba?

Yes po.

Is it so hard to just say 'opo'?
I just do not understand why people say it or, worse, flaunt it. Can somebody help me? I am this close to calling them 'airheads'.


  1. Actually, it gets worse.

    "Dito na POH me"

  2. oh no.

    i'm guilty of this.

    *curls up in a fetal position in the far corner of the bed*

    in my defense... i actually have none. i guess i'm just not used to saying opo. in the house, we don't say po or opo to our parents or older relations. we weren't raised to do so we never acquired the habit.

    so when i talk to someone older than me, and i know i'm supposed to say "opo," i end up saying "yes po."

    but yeah, thinking about it now, it can be annoying. ;)

  3. Oh. I find it weird that you're not used to saying "opo". Are you from the south? Chinese perhaps? American raised?

  4. let's just say that one of the three choices is right. hehehe! ;)

  5. Haha! Hula ko Chinese. ;)

    If that's the case, then you are forgiven. Haha! The people I'm ticked off with are those who fake it. The ones who YOU KNOW have been saying 'opo' all their lives and have all of a sudden shifted to 'yes po' because they think it's cuter; because they think English is "classier" than their own tongue.