Sunday, 28 September 2008

Jesus Freaks

Dear Jesus,

I did you service yesterday. There were two evangelists on the bus. They said they were spreading your message. I seriously doubted whether they really knew anything genuine about you but I took their word for it. But then they started talking about that "hell place" again, saying they were doing us a favour by blessing our souls should our bus crash the moment they were forced to get off the bus without preaching. It seemed that they were holding onto this book that was conceitedly self-titled. They claimed that you wrote the words there. But I doubt you did. In my heart, I would like to believe that you can write better fiction than that.

They promised us they would not be asking for money. Just plain preaching. Just some good old "you're going to rot in the afterlife for thinking for yourself and not trusting the KJV". But the retards asked for money anyway. So I told that they were lying sacks of shit for deceiving us like that. All those years of English politeness and restraint turned into Irish rage.

But it was fun. It felt good standing up to them. Jesus, please send me more of them. Next time I promise to be more polite and less hot headed and ask real questions such as "Do you understand what you are talking about?"

Your thinking fan, not your blind groupie,


  1. I'd rather focus on the concept of salvation rather than the threat of hell.

    I wonder if Jesus believes in reincarnation?

  2. Right you are. ;)

    It's not impossible. There were 21 known "gospels" on Jesus the time they picked the canonical 4. The Alexandrian Church, one of the earliest Christian sects, firmly believed in reincarnation.

  3. Come on. Isn't the risk of public humiliation already sign enough for you of their evident desperation? Everyone has a reason for doing what they do. It's not their fault people are stupid enough to hand them money. Besides it's a public utility bus. You don't own it. So unless the driver tells them to get out, they can do whatever they want.

  4. Not that I'm saying what they're doing is not wrong. It is but it's not illegal. I guess it's your right also to humiliate them if you feel like it. I guess I'm just trying to say that you're better than that. Don't stoop to their level.

  5. Thanks onestrangeboy. :) Perhaps you're right; I might've been a little too emotional on them. I guess I was taken into the whole lying thing. I just hate it when people do one thing when they promised another within a span of 5 minutes. That's like saying one's stupid.

    Anyway, they were asked to step out by the bus driver. Several times. I think it was against the bus company's rules. He even threatened to drag them out. That's when the girl "threatened" us back with a vehicular accident and promised she wouldn't ask for money. The people on the bus were being too passive. I was simply too fed up.

  6. It is against any group to ask for money in any public place. Public transport included. I'm not sure if they must first have DSWD permit or something.

    This is celinokyle from the HB EB last saturday =)

  7. Hey there A! :b

    Thanks, eh! Now I have something to threaten them with next time. Haha!