Thursday, 29 May 2008

A Different Kind of Meme

My kind of meme. Random and ranty.

  1. There are a thousand ways to say something. Pick the best of the lot. Try at least.
  2. I am so sick of this Who Is Gayer Than Who shite. Definitely worse that yesteryear's Who Is Straighter Than Who. We are supposed to expand from the accomplishments of our forefathers, not outdo their stupidity.
  3. Back in the days of our mothers and fathers, they only had two sets of godparents. I am proud to say that I have the same number. Nowadays people take 10 pairs! What, will these 20 godparents be able to religiously look after their godchild's development on a regular basis? Sounds like someone is banking on gifts. Go have a baby shower.
  4. At the foot of many wedding invitations I tend to see this: "Your gift is appreciated but we prefer cash." This phrase makes it sound as if they are running a business.
  5. Any true love is sacred in itself. I do not need a priest or minister to consecrate what is already sacred.
  6. It throws me back a bit me to hear people talk about how their crushes are yummy and delicious. A wo/man is not a piece of meat. The word 'sexy' is enough for me.
  7. I do not understand why one's choice of sexual partners should matter in a beauty contest. I think Gay pageants are silly. Have you ever heard of a Straight pageant?
  8. Why is it that instead of dealing with urgent societal issues in regard to sexuality, Gay magazines offer only pictures of half naked men? Is sex the only thing that matters nowadays?
  9. I wonder why Playboy excludes men in their portfolio. A real playboy would play with both sexes. Same with Playgirl. Stupid repressed, heteronormative society!
  10. I think it is bigoted to claim that the likes of FHM are "Men's Magazines" and yet they only limit themselves to the desires of heteronormative men. I mean, they are repressed for crying out loud! They are not exactly healthy specimens.
  11. That bleeding Axe™ commercial is a problem too. Is it every man's dream to be surrounded by skinny girls and get laid? That is so American.
  12. Like I always say, if chain mails were true, I should have died a hundred times by now. And in a hundred different ways.
  13. So what if actress-X is pregnant? For many women, pregnancy is bound to happen. Be surprised if an actor gets pregnant! Now that would be news.
  14. I think John Lapuz is stupid. I could make you an essay if you like. He really is.
  15. I lost faith in Ernie Baron back in 199x when he listed Methuselah as the oldest person who had ever lived. (Rubbish! I might as well list Herakles as the strongest demi-man!) And when he mispronounced Samhain as 'sam-ha-een' claiming him to be the Lord of Death. (It is pronounced 'sow-en' and it is not a being but a festival.)
  16. I do not think it is anyone's business if Piolo Pascual dates or dated Sam Milby. This country is so backward.
  17. I think the Mike Enriquez style of reporting makes mediamen look cheap and retarded. ("Dalawang motorista nabundol ng truck, tumilapon, nagkalasog-lasog, nagkagula-gulanit, patayyyyyyy!!!") What ever happened to the BBC way?
  18. I applaud Kap's Amazing Stories for trying to have a local version of National Geographic. I just wish they would try harder so as not to suck/sod too much. Can local television sink any lower?
  19. A society with a multiplicity of Gods brought us tolerance - not just religious tolerance, but intellectual tolerance. Monotheism killed philosophy, burned down the libraries, and brought us the Dark Ages. That is the record. (credit:Todd Jackson)
  20. I think one way to salvage Wicca from the Fluff Movement is to break from the illusion and fallacy that Wicca is ancient and holier that way. Even if it was, do you not think it would need more than age to establish its credibility?
  21. May Day is so not Beltane. The former is Germanic, the latter Celtic. Get your facts straight.
  22. I think the man who has been making all these pop bags and shirts with Nazi-style swastikas on them should be examined for supporting Adolf Hitler. The people who wear them unknowingly should be hanged for ignorance.
  23. I sincerely hope that Bench™ knew what it was doing when it printed the Gautama Buddha's face on its shirts. Can they promise all the serious Buddhists out there that for each shirt sold the Buddha would not get misrepresented?
  24. I want to name my children with names that mean something. Naming your kids after a jumble of letters, pointless and without legitimate origin, will earn you no respect from them should they grow up intellectually elevated.
  25. I think the nouveau riche social-climbers who think speaking Taglish makes them sound sophisticated are making themselves look quite the opposite. Oh, make tapon na yourselves off a cliff. Go. Now na!
  26. I think I am done for this post. Amen.

Now post something in response to modern society. Hah.


  1. Why is it that instead of dealing with urgent societal issues in regard to sexuality, Gay magazines offer only pictures of half naked men? Is sex the only thing that matters nowadays?

    - That's why I don't buy gay magazines. Most of them are just full of crap.

    Btw, I like this entry of yours. It only proves that those who understands it, are not of this time. :)

  2. Thank you Kuya Joms. Here's to more of us!

    I swear I'm killing all the ignorants I can find. Not literally of course. ;)