Saturday, 8 March 2008

Beauty And Culture

Yi Hanui, better known as Honey Lee in the Western media, is a South Korean graduate student who represented her country at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant in Mexico City.

Honey is a cunning gayageum (Korean zither) player who can also sing the throat-clenching pansori quite well. I have heard her play and she seems to be very good at the classic arts.

Will the Philippines ever have a 'beauty queen' with so much of her country in her? It is sad that we cannot even agree on a single folk costume to have our contestants wear.


  1. got that right. for a country that tauts itself as a "beauty pageant" nation, it seems ridiculous that we have to import our "beauties" from other countries as long as they have a filipino heritage. i dunno, i mean they're beautiful and all, but isn't a natural born filipina bearing a filipino nose and having a filipino skin also beautiful?

  2. right you are, omar. it's a very saddening truth.